And so it begins…


A decade has just passed and it almost feels like it doesn’t count as a decade because no one knows what to call it. “The Two Thousands”? Boo. Lame.

And doesn’t it seem like the years weren’t that far apart? I mean, 2005 doesn’t sound that long ago. Hell, 1995 doesn’t sound that long ago. But it was. Both of them were. In 1995 I was nine years old. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

But I begin 2010 with a resolution to blog. A very very narcissistic resolution, but only after I have realized that the “lose weight” resolutions of my past were just as narcissistic and also highly unlikely. It is January 6th, and I have shockingly not worked out once. That is a streak, for anyone who knows me.

PLUS I was told that to be a writer one must write everyday. So I do, only this time, others can read it. And that supposedly makes this writing “special.”

So it begins, this blog of mine. Let me get out the basics.

My name is Alison. Spelled with just one L. I tend to not like other Allison’s who spell their name with two L’s. They  seem so damn needy.  Why use two when one will do?

I am a recent college grad. Born and raised in Colorado, attended college in Arizona and now living out here in Chicago to follow my dreams. The first of which is obviously filing taxes for the three different states which I have worked in in this last year.

I am poor. I am a writer. I am an actor. But I am not a hipster.

I live southside. I ride the Pink Line. I work two jobs at about one shift a week. My feet smell and I cannot burp.

Nice to meet you too.

So it begins, this blog of mine. I hope to enjoy using it. I hope it will amuse. And I hope something good will come from the rants and raves I plan to pursue through this median.

Happy 2010.


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