I am fucking stalling.

I need to work on a particular piece of writing, but instead have done the following:

  • Watched the rest of season 2 of lost on hulu
  • Painfully read 500 pages Anna Karinina (only 450 more to go. Shoot me now.)
  • Watched How I Met Your Mother AND Big Love Season Finale
  • Wrote a sketch
  • Revised three sketches
  • Laundry
  • Pitched a sketch
  • Read my friend’s screenplay
  • Took notes on the screenplay
  • Lost notes on the screenplay (doh!)
  • Began watching Season 3 of Lost
  • Facebooked people from my high school to see if anyone I knew got married
  • Looked at wedding photos if they in fact got married
  • Wrote a 9 page poem (yep, that’s an epic)
  • Checked my gmail
  • Made the poem rhyme
  • Checked my comedy troupe’s gmail
  • Facebooked my photos to see what people from high school would think of me if they were checking up to see if I got married
  • Vacuumed my room
  • Laundry to dryer
  • Installed updates on my computer.
  • Made tea
  • Ate some cookies
  • Got my plug out to charge my computer
  • Text the word “BOOTS!” to my friend Lauren
  • Skyped my boyfriend
  • Began reading the Pulp Fiction screenplay
  • Got to episode 10 of Season 3 of Lost
  • Started rewriting notes for my friend’s screenplay
  • Started this blog

Why is it the some of the things we want to do most in the world scare us so much that we avoid them?

  • Contemplated why I don’t want to work on this writing
  • Opened the writing document I needed to work on
  • Stared on my screen
  • Downloaded some songs onto my IPod
  • Got on youtube to watch the music videos of the songs just downloaded
  • Uploaded pictures from my camera and onto my facebook.
  • Stared at the screen
  • Yoga
  • Ate a scoop of peanut butter
  • Thought about the terrible movie I saw knowing I could write something better
  • Got to a stopping point on this blog as I thought about writing something better
  • Believed I could write something better
  • Looked at the writing document, gulped, dived in.

Because I don’t want to stall into misery.  I don’t want to stall into nothingness. I need to write something better, no matter how scary it is to try.

– One L

“I love zoom in’s at the Oscars. It’s like camera is asking, “What does Kathy Bates think of this acceptance speech?””


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