The Desire To Live A Double Life

Things that I want to do when I am a real adult and Things that I want to do since I am not

Wake up early in the morning, have a cup of coffee and read the funnies

Get paid to write and perform

Have weekends and summers off

Guest star on the office as Pam’s new step sister after her mom gets remarried

Have a dishwasher

Publish a play

Have women over for book clubs or wine drinking

Be the one who wins on Glee

Have a housekeeper

Have a housekeeper

Own something big that I can take a Sunday to paint

Host/be a cast member on SNL

Have a black lab named Ninja

Get good at yoga

Game Nights

Game Nights

Personal trainer

Produce a film

Work for an event planner

Have a fashion sense and be fashion savvy

Have a strong, classy and full liquor cabinet

Get interviewed by Conan O’Brien

Own a fancy globe thats sit next to a fancy couch

Have time to be in shape

Make people laugh

Make people laugh

Have a cat named Fred

Act with Ben Affleck

Theme Parties

Theme Parties

Stress about the electric bill only because I am trying so hard to go green

Nail an audition

Own a convertible again

Write something groundbreaking

Buy my parents a trip

Feel pretty from time to time

Buy my future nieces and nephews a puppy and be “Cool Aunt Alison”

Belt a song on a professional stage

Maybe be a parent

Surprise myself

Be happy

Be happy

Be happy.


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