Ten Things That I Love Right Now! – Feb. 2011

Entertainment Weekly has a Hit List, Billboard has a Chart, so One L has this

  1. The Gay Boys on Glee. –  And yes, I think all the members on the Dalton Warblers A Capella group are gay. And yes, their gayness makes me wish I was a gay boy so I could date them. But ironically if they ended up being straight I would not be nearly as attracted to them as I am now. They must be gay for my crush to exist. And they are so it does.
  2. The Double Gulp at 7 Eleven. –  If Big Gulp wasn’t comically large enough, wrapping your hands around this bad boy makes you feel like a kid in giant’s world. Pausing for big slurps in conversation is not only encouraged, it’s required.
  3. Pandora radio. – Perfect for the train ride, despite playing way too much Jack Johnson on my Jason Mraz station.
  4. The book Freakonomics. – Crime rate in the early 90’s went down due to Roe vs Wade, say what? Whether you agree or disagree with their findings, it’s a good read. Makes you think, and then think about why you thunk it to begin with.
  5. Knock Off Brand Mac n Cheese. –  2 for 1 at the grocery store = $1 pays for 4 meals for Ali. Yes.
  6. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess. – It takes leaving childhood and coming back to that book to actually observe the crazy irony of the illustrations against the repetitive and simple words. Sam I Am causes a car, train, and boat collision in the water! Thank God no one was hurt, and thank God the narrator actually likes Green Eggs and Ham in the end, despite the tray being dunked into the sea prior to tasting. And p.s. I want to name my kid Sam with the middle name I Am. Why not?
  7. Judge Judy. – Even if you are the Plaintiff and are technically in the right, she’ll still take a moment to remind you what a dumbass you are. With every dispute I have with apartment neighbors or bosses, I find myself thinking “What would Judge Judy Say?” And then I listen to her screaming in my ears.
  8. Coffee. – Any kind, from any place, anywhere, except when my roommate takes a cup without asking.
  9. Bruno Mars. – “Don’t say No No No No No, Just say Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah…” Best. Lyrics. Ever.
  10. Entertainment Weekly Magazine. – The magazine that gave me this blog idea. It dives into the interesting part of pop culture, i.e. the work that artists, actors, and writers produce. Little is said about people’s personal lives and gossip, and instead the focus is on the impact mainstream media has on us as a society. And really, isn’t that the point behind entertainment anyway?

– One L

“It seriously smells like shit when you walk in here.” (Classmate who was standing next to my stinky rainboots. Sorry.)


One thought on “Ten Things That I Love Right Now! – Feb. 2011

  1. Jill Horsfall says:

    Very good blog. I have to agree especially with the coffee and the big gulp. I wish I could have Mac and Cheese. Damn diet. This makes me want it really bad now. “Just say no no no no no” Oh wait it ” yeah yeah yeah yeah.” Oh no now I’m confused. Be strong. LOL Same goes with the big gulp. Overall Good blog. Way to go

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