10 Things That Are Totally Awesome (And Free!) Right Now

Hey – everyone knows that the end of the year can get tough. The weather is colder, people are broker, and loved ones are far away in times of nostalgia. Until we get on our beloved planes for our beloved holiday gatherings, I think it’s important to keep our chins up by remembering the little (and free!) things in life. So without further adieu, I bring you:

10 Things That Are Totally Awesome And Free Right Now.

10. HULU – Not only can I watch shows for free, FINALLY there’s an online streaming site that cares about MY ad experience. AHHHHH! WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG? Don’t other sites know that my opinion matters when it comes to the thirty second breaks in between Modern Family and The Colbert Report? HULU SOOOOOO GETS IT. Yes, HULU, that birth control ad WAS relevant to me. The one about the fountain builders with the Colonel Sanders mustache? Not so much. Thank God I have an opportunity to tell you. And YES I WILL disable my spam blockers when a commercial can’t load or contact HULU support. (In all seriousness though, I am so happy I can gorge on 30 Rock and New Girl just like the normal folk who have normal TV.)

9. Buzzfeed – Thank you for being the ultimate time waster, and for teaching me that lists are oddly appealing for site hits.

8. Christmas Decor At The Mall – Take a Saturday to go to your local suburban mall. Maybe you can’t buy all the swag yourself but just looking at it will get you all warm and cozy. Also, popping a squat near Santa and watching the excited/terrified kids waiting in line is a full afternoon of entertainment.

7. IPhone 4S – Okayokayokay this is not technically for free, but I got one for free because I was due for an upgrade with Verizon Wireless and with signing another two year contract it was mine and  IloveitIloveitIloveitIloveit. This is a totally selfish tally, but if you are young and spoiled enough to have a smartphone before going broke, just take a moment to be thankful. You can text. You can be navigated. You can find out what that guys name was who was in that obscure movie from way back when. Life is good.

6. You Don’t Know Jack – The most delightful and addicting of trivia games. Sure, it makes me feel stupid for not knowing if a name comes from the Bible or from Dukes of Hazard, but the fact that it had a Danny DeVito divorce joke just weeks after the De seperated from Rita makes it top notch in mixing nerd with topical pop culture.

5. Costco Samples – Dude, seriously, you can make a meal out of every corner stop in the place I refer to as “Giant Land” (seriously, do you think Giant’s call Costco Normalco?). While others are filling their fridges with five tons of discount dishwasher soup (and while your boyfriend is following his carefully concocted list of groceries), coast around trying all the salsas, hot pockets, mini wieners, tuna, crackers, and relish you can. It’s finger food central! And it makes me happy all day.

4. Clothing Swap/Closet Shopping – In a town where image is everything, don’t underestimate the importance of expressing yourself and dressing for success. Two ways I have done this is by asking any gal pals of mine to give me old clothes they don’t want AND trying to put a spin on clothes I already have. I have made my boyfriend’s shirts into dresses, my best friend’s pink shirt into a monochromatic element, and even found life in a girls faded jeans. Putting time into my clothes has pumped up my confidence and swapping has given me a reason to save clothes for friends rather than be rejected from buffalo exchange… again.

3. Watching Football – I don’t even like football. But I like sitting and I like friends and I like beer and I like dip and I like funny commercials and I like chatting and I like chips and I like Sundays and I like enthusiasm and I like wings and I like cheering and I like high fives and I like no work. Go Broncos.

2. Events! – There is so much stuff to look forward to these last two months and what’s more awesome than prepping and planning for them? I boil over in excitement with the thought of a white elephant, and themed meal, a game that is ONLY played this one time a year because it’s tradition and so you HAVE to and what not. Sure we all still have to work and pay bills, but in the mean time we have an excuse to work and play merrily until the next great date or party or celebration rolls around. The workplace changes, just this one time of year. So does the radio, the restaurants, the pajamas, and the outside chores and projects. So until the real holidays hit, get excited with the events that lead up to them!

1. Sex – And it’s free, yo!


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