Ugly Truths – Volume 2

There is a picture in Vogue Magazine of Kanye West taking a picture of Kim Kardashian taking a selfie with their baby.

There are some very important people who still say expresso.

It’s very very very hard to break the streak of not going to the gym.

I trust Jon Stewart more than any other Johnny News Anchor.

Local news covered the recent LA earthquake by going to “twitter” coverage.

They are making a new Space Jam movie with Lebron James.

The  Facebook status has become your mother’s new forwarding chain letter.

You can save snapchats. Someone should probably tell politicians.

I googled reasons why my hair hasn’t grown in over a year and the internet’s answer was “Everything.”

My doctor’s answer was “I don’t know.”

The Olive Garden prints their calories next to their menu items.

We had to learn cursive.

There are a few facebook friends of mine who are most definitely in this pyramid scheme/cult operation, and it kills me inside every time I see their posts and instead of saying anything to them about it I am putting it into this blog because that is how I handle things.

The Daily Currant is a website that thinks “satire” and “tricking” mean the same thing.

I am slowly losing my “awe” of sets, cameras, and actors and I have only really worked on TV for a year.

Jewelry, when placed anywhere besides on your body, will automatically get tangled.

No matter how nice you say it, you sound like a douche when you go to a grocery store and ask where their Perrier is. And Perrier is fucking delicious.

There is never enough time. Nobody has it together. Everyone is tired.

Nachos are not considered as romantic as roses.

It’s offensive to possibly think that The Bible is allegorical. And I do not mean to offend anyone by saying that.

Trying not to offend someone will probably offend someone.

Suddenly remembering stuff from your past will actually make you worry about all the other stuff you forgot.

High school is a template for any new workplace or social environment. Ergo, you never really get to leave high school.

Gum, on occasion, will fall apart in your mouth and become a weird, piece-y goo.

It’s the 31st. Rent is due tomorrow.

– One L

“The amount of on top of things you are, is not.” – ACT and JAM 4lyfe.


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