Why I Love Kermit the Frog

I was once asked on an application who my comedic inspiration was. I felt particularly proud of my answer, so I give it to you now, if only because it is graduation season, and May is usually a month full of speeches that are meant to inspire. This green guy inspires me every day. Here you go. Enjoy!

My comedic inspiration is Kermit the Frog.

To me, he is so much more than a puppet.

For one, he’s a Muppet.

He is also a fun and calm comedy leader who gets respect through kindness over ego. He is quietly optimistic and allows others to shine, yet he knows how to bring the energy with his trademarked toss of the arms and high pitched “Yayyyyyyy!”

Kermit is a talented singer and musician. He never oversells a bit.

Kermit is sincere and relatable. His honesty can at one moment make us laugh, like when he rides a bike through Central Park, and in another moment make us cry, like when he sings, “Why wonder, but why wonder?”

He understands that it is not easy being green, but through humor and performing he encourages us to embrace our differences.

We root for Kermit. Like all great comedians, he’s the classic underdog we all want to see succeed. We know that someday he’ll find it, the rainbow connection. And we want him to.

Kermit has great humility. He’s not in the business to be mean.

Kermit is detail oriented in his comedic delivery, from the “Dunga-doon-dunga-doons” he adds to “Moving Right Along” to the slight snarl he gives whenever he’s kissed by a pig.

Kermit also chooses to surround himself with comedy icons and weirdos! Living the dream!

Most importantly, when we think of Kermit, we all collectively smile. Kermit the Frog is pure joy.

I want to be just like him.

– One L

“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMR5JVo21wQ” – KTF


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