A Definitive List Of All My Past Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween and I will dress up for it until the day I die. In fact, I think I have had more fun in my adulthood Halloween costume choices than my childhood costumes (though to be honest, 4th Grade Alison was pretty fucking hilarious).

So that said, I bring you:

A Definitive List Of All My Past Halloween Costumes


  1. Pre-school – Ghost
  2. Kindergarten – Sleeping Beauty
  3. 1st Grade – Tiger Lily
  4. 2nd Grade – Jack In The Box
  5. 3rd Grade – A Masquerade Attendant
  6. 4th Grade – Kerri Strug
  7. 5th Grade – Dorothy (part of a Wizard of Oz group costume)
  8. 6th Grade – A French maid (part of a Mansion Help group costume)
  9. 7th Grade – Jay (group costume, Silent Bob)
  10.  8th grade thru Senior Year – Nothing (too cool for school years)


  1. 11. Freshman Year – A Pregnant Hooker
  2. Sophomore Year – Pinocchio (couple costume, Gipedo, also group costume, Disney characters)
  3. Junior Year – The Devil Wearing Prada
  4. Senior Year – Oscar the Grouch (group costume, Sesame Street)

    Post College Chicago/Colorado

    1. 2009 – Carmen Sandiego
    2. 2010 – Sumo Wrestler
    3. 2011 – Frida Kahlo
    4. 2012 – Jesse From Breaking Bad (couples costume – Heisenberg)
    5. 2013 – Bob Ross
    6. 2014 – Calvin (couples costume – Hobbes)
    7. 2015 – Batman
    8. 2016- Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

      – One L

      “I put a spell on you…” – Jay Hawkins


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