Word Vomit

Been doing lots and lots of writing lately so I sort of want to use this month’s blog to get out some much needed head traffic that’s been clogging up the old brain noggin so it has room to free flow new thoughts and ideas for these assignments I am doing.

So, to act like I have done this on my blog before and thus make it feel like this is a legitimate thing, here’s this month’s:


I have been watching all the Marvel movies and I still can’t get over how the first half hour of Captain America has Chris Evan’s head on a tiny body and NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT.

My friend is having her third kid and I really want to name it. I just want her to give the duty to me, and take whatever name I give. I won’t even consult her, she should just take the name. Is that too much to ask? Or is asking her to name her third kid Alison too much to ask? Which one of these is a bigger ask?

T-shirts that say “I’m Breezy” with Monica’s face on it should be a thing. Like the Che shirt.

I get really offended that both of my cats like my fiancé more than me even though I picked them and he didn’t.

I’ve been trying to multi-task during my meditation. Is that… am I… doing it wrong?

I loved Black Panther. I hated Wrinkle In Time. Thanks MoviePass.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but my fiancé makes smoothies better than me so he now is tasked with making me one every morning even when he doesn’t eat them himself and yes I am super fucking spoiled.

I haven’t had beer this month. So that’s a thing.

Of all the chores I have to do, I think I hate cleaning the bathtub most of all.  I like mopping best.

I think the reason binge watching is such a popular way to consume media is because even though it’s an incredibly lazy endeavor, it also feels like by the end of it you’ve accomplished something. So, in essence, we are a very motivated at being lazy generation.

I went to a cooking class and they taught me the trick to getting the garlic smell out of our hands is by rubbing our palms on a stainless steel table and when I said I don’t have a stainless steel table is there any other trick they said no so then now my trick to getting the garlic smell out of my hands is to never touch garlic ever and just make Zach do it.

I typically rock a double pony when I don’t feel like brushing my hair which is always, and then I saw Annihilation and Natalie Portman had a double pony and I was like Fuck. Yes.

In my thirties and I still can’t properly burp.

Someone sent me a pic of Ben Affleck’s back tattoo of a Phoenix rising and I couldn’t care less about it so I think that means I’ve moved on.

I’m sort of dumb and sort of tired of feeling dumb and sort of tired and actually maybe I am just tired.

For Halloween, I want to go as Chris Evan’s Tiny Body From Captain America.

Okay – that’s all for now. I better get back to work.

– One L

“I don’t shut up, I grow up. And when I look at you I throw up.” – Stand By Me


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