Bucket List For The Vain Dreamer  – Part 3

The third installment of my vain, nearly impossible bucket list. Read the first entry here
and my second entry here.

And now we continue….

61. Have Buffalo Exchange take all of my trade in items.
62. Be in the next season of Jack Ryan as the POW who may have been turned but no one knows for sure especially Jack Ryan who, after all, is “just an analyst.”
63. Have sick ass arms that can only be described as “to-ight.”
64. Just, like, know Tig Notaro.
65. Have Emma Thompson play my mother in a fun and poignant rom com about age gap romances.
66. Be complimented after singing a karaoke song AND DESERVE IT.
67. Create an Etsy shop called “Stuff Alison Wants” based on items I wish existed in real life (that I proclaim I’d like to have via twitter) and all the shop is is just someone making said items for me but then other people would totally like the stuff and buy it too. Example product: A t-shirt with a photo of Monica from Friends on it that says “I’m Breezy.”
68. Be able to name a beer.
69. Do a scene on Sesame Street with Big Bird.
70. Throw out a first pitch at a Colorado Rockies game.
71. Beat my fiancé at Connect Four.
72. Live in a world where I don’t have to carry mace when I jog.
73. Be a talking head character in the next season of American Vandal.
74. Wear a fancy dress on loan from a designer, but like a cool, hip designer like the one Helena Bonham Carter plays in Ocean’s 8, and then nail the joke when they inevitably ask me “Who Are You Wearing?” (Spoiler: I’ll say “his name is Roger.”)
75. Have the one online feud with Trump that will lead to his demise (a final nail in the coffin fight) and end his reign as our president once and for all because I said the exact thing that would get him to admit something that is so very very illegal that he is done sonnnnnnn.
76. Afford a therapist that I like.
77. Host a travel show even though I have no qualifications to do so.
78. Just , like, be in the Marvel Universe.
79. Play the guitar at a Beyonce concert, once I learn how to play a guitar.
80. Have a holiday tradition that is so adorable and pretty it gets written about in magazines.
81. Have my name be the standard with how you spell Alison.
82. Buy gym shoes NOT from Payless, but like from a real gym place.
83. Finally have good hair… yes, like Becky.
84. Be a guest on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron that he refers back to a lot in later episodes.
85. Just, like, make fall happen in LA somehow.
86. Throw a big bash like Billy Madison did every time he passed a grade.
87. Get an award so I can thank my mom and dad and my future husband and my brothers and my best friend and all my friends and my reps and the people I work with.
88. Get my makeup done while lying down – only because that seems like an important person thing.
90. But what I really wanna do is direct.


– One L

“Dream a little dream of me…” – Mama Cass


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