Things Only My Love And I Find Funny

I’m getting married to my dude this month– so in his honor here is a post only he will laugh at.

– “Where Did It Go?” – a quote from SNL in 2009 when Justin Timberlake was hosting and the sketch, “Immigrant Tale”, had JT playing his great great grandfather on a boat coming to America telling other immigrants about the dreams he has for his great great grandson (very meta). Cornelius Timberlake says he dreams that his great great grandson will someday bring sexy back. Bobby Moynihan then says, “Bring sexy back? What does that mean?” JT: “It will be gone and he will bring it back.” And then at that point, Will Forte, who can basically make us laugh by just standing there, slowly says in an undistinguishable accent: “Where… did… it…. go?”  Zach and I say it all the time when we’re looking for things, and it’s now to an exaggerated point that it doesn’t even sound like Forte anymore, and that’s why it makes us laugh.

– The Tiny Crab On Pirates Of The Caribbean At Disneyland – Blink and you’ll miss her, but one of the first set-ups on the pirates ride has a bunch of skeletons on an island who have clearly died in a sword fight, and in the shadows there is this little robot crab with his claws up, pinching away, as if he is still part of the fight. The corpses have no flesh left on their bodies but for some reason it was important to an Imagineer to have the dumb crab still fighting the fight for maybe one or two people on the boat to see, and that’s why it makes us laugh

           Honorable mentions, even though we’re aware other people find these things funny: the end of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, a baby crying every time the Haunted Mansion elevator screams.

– Taco Tuesday – the night of the week that we make no other plans and just spend quality time together. We never actually have tacos on Taco Tuesday, and that’s why it makes us laugh.

– Photos Of Our Cats – Every. Single. One. Of. Them

– Jesus Christ’s Blood – a line from In Bruges. “Yeah. So, yeah, I’m gonna go up in the queue and touch it, which is what you do.”  “Yeah? “Yeah. You coming?” “Do I have to?” “Do you have to? Of course you don’t have to. It’s Jesus’ fucking blood, isn’t it? Of course you don’t fucking have to! Of course you don’t fucking have to!” We laugh about it out of context so I’m going to post it here out of context. Jesus’s Christ’s Blood, that’s why it makes us laugh.

– The Fact That The First Verse Of Sublime’s Santeria Fits Perfectly Into The Melody Of Folsom Prison Blues By Johnny Cash – It really does and we’re working on a list of verses from other songs that fit perfectly (no, not all verses fit, unless you are pushing or shoving words, you know?) It’s a weird juxtaposition hearing a 90’s banf lyric in the form of a legendary lick and that’s why it makes us laugh.

– The Good Med Student – We have never seen the show The Good Doctor, but we know it’s about a real good doctor who happens to have severe autism that works in a busy hospital in a city. One day we realized that it would be way more fascinating to see how that character got through in med school! Did he have friends? Did they keep telling him he couldn’t make it and he constantly proved them wrong? Is this the season he may have to drop out of med school? How did he pay for it? Did he get a cool scholarship from a support team who will always stay by his side because he is the first person with autism to be admitted to that particular med school? The Good Doctor skips all that juicy good plot and gets right to him just in the job. But what about a person working toward getting the dream job? Right?? The reason we laugh is because we know it’s only a matter of time before that prequel show is made and it’s definitely be called The Good Med Student and it’s going to be so satisfiying when that happens and we called it and that’s why it makes us laugh.

– Sluck – A line from a Michael Buble song Just Haven’t Met You Yet where two words he says next to eachother sounds like “sluck.” Lyric: I guess it’s have timing, and the otherhalf’s luck. Wethink it should totally be a new word that means half luck half something else. It’s sluck. Used in a sentence: “I passed med school with autism because I had a focused, brilliant mind, a passion for saving lives, and, I guess, a little bit of luck, so I guess you could say I passed med school with sluck.” The only reason we don’t think it’s a word is it sounds awfully close to slut, which is a shame but regardless Buble invented it in his song on accident and that’s why it makes us laugh.

– Baby Metal Performing The Song Gimme Chocolate On Stephen Colbert – just watch it for yourself, it is awesome:– that’s why it makes us laugh.

– It Should’ve Been Us – a song by Tori Kelly. There was a year that we were in and/or attended a bazillion weddings and every time this song played on the dance floor, Zach and I would belt “it should have been us!” as in we should be the ones who got married. Hey, now we’re getting married. I guess it doesn’t make us anymore.

       Honorable mention: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran – another good belter on a wedding dance floor “SO BABY NOW….”

– One L



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