some things that got me through 2020

  1. Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia on vinyl
  2. Online nerd DnD workouts curated by Andrew Deutsch 
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Zoom, Google Hang, Google Meets, Google Duo, and Facetime
  5. 10 Percent Happier Meditation App 
  6. Dave’s Hot Chicken Combo #2 on Postmates – 2 sliders with fries mild heat add cheese
  7. Hop Merchant’s back parking lot and their infinite supply of Allagash Curieux 
  8. Doctor Who 
  9. Book club t-shirts that say “Sorry Babe, It’s Book Club” 
  10. The Luv Sac couch’s corner seat
  11. Body Positivity Training by the remarkable Kate Huffman
  12. Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon’s “Hats”
  13. Netflix
  14. Quizzia Pub Trivia hosted by Corey Rittmaster with trivia team Boss Vic Koss
  15. Veggie nachos from Andy’s
  16. Margo and Calvin and Addie and Miles and anyone else who had the bravery to be born 
  17. Cabins located in Lake Arrowhead
  18. Anti-racism training from the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso
  19. Zillow
  20. Weed
  21. The abrupt tears of Keith Brymer Jones
  22. Vendome liquors pick-up order 
  23. Palm Springs on Hulu
  24. “I’m speaking.” – Kamala Harris
  25. David Tenant Does A Podcast With
  26. The Brooklyn sublet with washer and dryer in unit 
  27. Glasses of First Leaf wine on a tiny bedroom porch
  28. Amazon Prime
  29. Fans of the BoJack poem
  30. Purell
  31. Come From Away on Broadway
  32. Normal People – the book, the mini-series and everyone who wore a mask
  33. The voice of Richard Ayoade 
  34. A weighted blanket
  35. Joshua Tree moon crystals
  36. Fetch The Bolt Cutters
  37. Chandler Blvd. 
  38. Chandler Bing
  39. Bing Crosby
  40. The Creative Arts Emmys
  41. Grapefruit, lemon, and lime trees
  42. Instacart 
  43. Formal Friday
  44. Typo and Story
  45. Zach
  • One L

“May you live in interesting times.” – English expression


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