Bucket List For The Vain Dreamer – Part 4

In the weirdest of twists – I’ve actually had some luck with versions of this list actually happening to me. 

So, just to throw more things into the universe – here is the fourth installment of my vain, nearly (but I guess not totally?) impossible bucket list. 

Read the first entry here and my second entry here and my third entry here.

And now we continue…

  1. Star in a Taylor Swift music video.
  2. Get a blue check mark on all my socials.
  3. Record a guided meditation that’s in the “fun” section of the 10% Happier App.
  4. Throw a huge block party with the theme “Jurassic Shark.” You get it.
  5. Own multiple xmas trees – one for every room in the house.
  6. Do that Broadway fundraiser where you sing a song normally sung by the opposite gender. I’d sing Being Alive as a soprano.  
  7. Successfully get everyone in the world vaccinated to end Covid, and end the stupidity of vaccine hesitation, once and for all.  
  8. Get a perfectly trained, chill dog that everyone loves and is best friends with my cats.
  9. Be on David Tennant’s podcast.
  10. Create a show.
  11. Have a framed, one-of-a-kind poster in my office of that show.
  12. Have a dope tattoo that’s also a reference to said show.
  13. Sing in an underground cover band that gets a cult following.
  14. Land a guest spot on a Doctor Who special.
  15. Get Lasik but be totally not scared about it going horribly wrong because it’s lasers on your eyes which is undeniably scary and also it doesn’t go horribly wrong it goes really well and I don’t have to deal with contacts anymore — this is a conquering fear thing.
  16. Be on Lizzo’s speed dial.
  17. Freeze my eggs because it’s something I can totally afford.
  18. Create a search engine that finds all the bar trivia happening in any area on any given night with all the necessary details so you don’t have to search for them individually.
  19. Do Mariah Carey’s version of Christmas, just once.
  20. Have a character in a board game be modeled off of me in a flattering way.
  21. Make a television show about a clown named Puddles.
  22. Hire people to seasonally decorate the outside of my home.
  23. Successfully campaign for Supreme Court term limits, and Supreme Court expansion.
  24. Print my own latch hook patterns that are less tacky, more artistic, and have specific pop culture references. Also, make latch hook a cool hobby for young people.
  25. I can’t believe this has to be a bucket list item, but make abortion legal in Texas.
  26. Record two audiobooks – one that I wrote, and one that another person wrote.
  27. Fly business class, like, a few times?
  28. Figure out a way to never get car sick again.
  29. Start a fashion trend that will single-handedly demolish crop tops from ever being a thing again.
  30. Be in a courtroom scene in a movie where I get to say: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…”

– One L

“I object!” – to nothing on this list!


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